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Sincona ag в россии рубль грузии January Auction 15 was the ромсии auction yet offered by Stephen Album Rare Coins, with lots completed in two lengthy days of about 12 hours each.

The top piece turned out to be an aureus of Pompeius that sold for a very substantial , EUR. Со сбором аука рублей. Read this article at CoinsWeekly. Мои подписки Активные темы. The collection of Swiss shooting talers arose particularly fierce bidding battles. CNG recently concluded two immensely successful sales. It realized more than four times the estimate монета рубль 64 года Sincona pattern rouble 1807 sold 1 300 000 CHF Very rare, a magnificent piece. Памятные и донативные 10 рублей - франков 25 рублей Qg рубль 1,5 рубля - 10. Золото 1 червонец 2 рубля. Very rare, a magnificent piece. Золото 10 рублей 5 рублей. Модуль рубля Модуль полтины Жетон. Памятные и донативные 37,5 рублей 1 червонец 2 рубля. Памятные и донативные 37,5 рублей - франков 25 рублей Империал. Золото 10 рублей 5 рублей кромки гурта, чистка. Серебро 1 рубль Полтина Гривенник. Store your valuables and important documents in a safe, discreet, and insurable manner in the safe-deposit boxes of SINCONA TRADING AG, accessible at all times at a prime location in Zurich. Further information. Precious metals trading. Would you like to buy (as coins or bars) or sell gold, silver or other precious metals  Не найдено: россии. Our auctions are held in the spring and autumn. Our catalogues are produced in printed form. Hardcover, high image quality and accurate descriptions are a matter of course for us. Since high quality standards as well as the love of numismatics are important tu us, these aspects are included in the descriptions of the auction  Не найдено: россии. Sincona AG каталог лотов и результаты торгов завершенных аукционов. Монеты Царской России.